Archery Safety Rules (for Recurve bows)

Archers members are welcomed at the club and can use the property at any time without a Rangemaster present. Safety rules must still be followed.

  • Never point your bow at anyone, even if there’s no arrow drawn (this is important for creating proper shooting habits).
  • Never fire the arrow high into the air as you cannot predict where it’s going to land. An exception is when you’re participating in a flight archery competition.
  • Keep your arrow aimed towards the ground as you nock it.
  • It’s strongly recommended that you wear an arm guard.
  • Never draw an arrow if there are any people between you and your target, even if you don’t intend to shoot yet.
  • Never over-draw your recurve bow (over-drawing is when you pull the string further than the actual length of your arrow). This can result in serious injury and damage to your equipment.
  • Always use a bow-stringer when stringing your bow.
  • If you are using wooden arrows, always check them for cracks or splintering before your shooting session.
  • Make it a habit to always check the bow limbs for any damage before you start shooting.
  • If you notice signs of wear on the string (for example separation of the string serving), replace it immediately – do not wait for it to become completely non-operational.
  • Take off your watch and/or jewelry before you begin shooting.
  • Make sure your cellphone battery is charged so you can call for help in case an accident were to occur.
  • Make sure your string is waxed regularly (if unsure of how often to do it, wax the string once every 100 arrows shot)
  • Finish each shooting session by un-stringing your recurve bow.
  • Never dry fire your bow (pulling and releasing the string without an arrow seated); this will be dangerous to both you and your recurve.

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