Range Safety Rules

2019 Range Master: Cindy George

Contact: [email protected]

Trap Range Rules

The trap range can only be used while a Range Master is PRESENT

  • ALWAYS Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. (For this club that is down at the ground)
  • ALWAYS Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • ALWAYS Keep the gun unloaded until ready to use (it is your turn to shoot) and the action open.
  • ALWAYS Move from your shooting position with the action open and the gun unloaded.
  • ALWAYS Know how your gun works and that it is in good working order.
  • ALWAYS Use a clay target type ammunition with 7 1⁄2 shot or smaller. Target ammunition has a velocity of 1350 feet per second maximum. Hunting ammunition has higher velocities and may not be used.
  • ALWAYS wear eye and ear protection.
  • ALWAYS maintain a positive attitude. The club is to a large extent self policing. If a member points out a problem to you thank him or her.
  • ALWAYS know who the Range Safety Officer or Range Master is. If you have ANY questions ask them or another club member.
  • ALWAYS inform the range safety officer or rangemaster if there is any type of emergency.
  • ALWAYS call “CEASE FIRE” immediately and loudly if you see any safety issue. After a loud “CEASEFIRE” inform the range safety officer or rangemaster what the issue is.
  • GUN MALFUNCTIONS: If your gun does not fire when you pull the trigger keep it pointed safely down range. Wait for at least 30 seconds before doing anything – this is to ensure against a “hang fire”. While keeping the gun pointed down range open the action. If you do not know what is wrong or what you should do raise your hand and another shooter or the range safety officer/rangemaster will help you.

For more information of firearm safety and safe handling please go to gunsafetyrules.nra.org or consult the rangemaster or range safety officers (RSO)