When I was young, a long time ago, if you won a shooting contest you got a medal. Somebody at sometime decided belt buckles were a better idea. We are going back to medals – you can only wear 1 belt buckle at a time but you can proudly display all of your medals. So starting in 2018 the Russian River Sportsmen’s Club will offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medal for the spring and fall Club Championship. There will also be a “consolation” medal for the person with the longest string who did not finish in the top 3.

Rules for medals program

You must pay a $20 fee and register to participate.

The event will be shot at the 16 yard line.

You must complete 15 full rounds of 25 birds (375 total) before the deadline which is June 15 for the spring program and November 1 for the fall.  After you shoot the 375 birds you can shoot 1 more round of 25 birds and replace your worst 25 score. Scoring is based on the total percentage of hits. For the fall we will have a second class open to those who have never won a buckle (or a medal) at a trap competition and never shot a 25 at the RRSC. We must have a minimum of 8 participants to do this contest.

Each round must be scored by a competent scorer who must sign and date it. IT MUST BE READABLE INCLUDING THE NAMES.  A shooter listed as “Bob” tells us nothing and the score will not count. It is up to the competitor to get a useable copy to Cindy or Dean. You can also use your cell phone to take a picture of it and “share it” with Cindy at [email protected] .

Your scores also count toward the Winchester award program. If you wish to establish a handicap for other competitions this shooting counts. Once you have met the requirements for other groups that use handicaps you will receive a document to that effect.

You must announce that YOU ARE SHOOTING FOR MEDAL BEFORE YOUR FIRST SHOT.  Do not even think of shooting a 24 and then saying – “Oh this counts”

High total score (based on %) gets the first place medal, second the second place medal etc. You will also receive a medal bar to wear on your hat or vest in case you do not want to wear the full medal (except at full dress events of course when you are required to wear all your medals). The “consolation  prize” for longest string, which may cover more than one round of 25, will get the string medal. It is up to you to track your strings and let the person keeping track of scores know. It is not reasonable to expect the scorer to somehow know that you have a long string.

Ties will be a sudden death shoot off at the distance and under the conditions decided by the Rangemaster.

If you win a medal you may only compete in the next event for a higher medal. Thus if you win a second place medal in the spring event you can only win a first place medal in the fall event. If your score would get you a second or third place medal in the fall event you are disqualified.

The spring event starts in March and ends June 15. The fall event starts July 1 and ends on November 1. The fall event medals will be presented at the annual membership meeting.

If there is enough interest in the medal program it will be extended to other events – Wobbles? Doubles? Buddy Teams Etc.

Standings will be published from time to time. When standings are published there will be a hard copy at the scorers stand.

For more information please contact Cindy at [email protected].